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Get Wet & Wild (Birds) This Summer

What's clear, but looks great? What tastes great but has no flavor?

The answer: Water.

Birdbath with DripperYou see, birds need water just as much as they need food. Their very high metabolic rate and respiration system drains moisture from their bodies quickly, resulting in some very parched birds.

Birds use water for more than just a thirst quencher; they also use it for bathing and preening their feathers. Clean feathers are important for birds' health and optimum flying ability.

Bird baths with sloped sides permit visitors to move from shallow to deeper water, and they accommodate different sized birds that need to drink or bathe.

However, open sources of water can cause a potential mosquito problem. For this reason, we offer the Water Wiggler™, an agitator that creates ripples in water and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs. The motion of the moving water is also very enticing to wild birds.

Birds will also use water misters. When located near foliage, misters provide birds with the opportunity to “leaf bathe.” Birds exhibiting this behavior will flutter against wet plants or leaves to release droplets onto their feathers.

Using water to attract birds to your yard doesn't have to be a riddle.

Stop by this month. Our variety of bird baths, fountains, misters and drippers is the answer you're looking for to make your home your birds' favorite water spot.

How to Attract Birds with Water



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